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Yoga Therapy Testimonials

"J" - Sleep Problems 

It was a very good session. I trust Anni and that’s why I am able to deal with the issues. Well structured, great techniques and I will be thinking more about my approach to sleep.

The session assisted me to release tensions that have been with me for a long time. I feel less weighted down. I want to put into practice what I am being taught. I feel more floaty; less burdened down.

So glad that Anni is helping me as I am opening up to considering things in a new way.

"A" - "Living Your Best Life Now" Yoga Therapy Course Attendee

Amazed by the strong feeling of ease and connection within our group. 5 sessions over protracted time yet there is a real trust and willingness to share... it is hard putting into words my thoughts on the value and effect of this short course. My body and my spirit and my breath all feel the difference. I always leave feeling very calm and yet energised – able to cope with anything. Thank you so much Anni , and *(names of other participants)* I’ll miss this course but plan to put many of the techniques into action.

"L" - "Living Your Best Life Now" Yoga Therapy Course Attendee

From a hectic world outside, I’ve ended this session feeling the importance of space to obtain calm – in my mind and body. Every word you said felt relevant and significant in this process. Thank you for your calm and structured guidance. .. A wonderful space to truly learn to create space and connection. Breath and breathing, despite the fact that I know this as a singer, has been reemphasised as crucial.

Very revelatory session in relation to my own development and patterns. Another amazing session, thank you Anni.

Not an overstatement to say that some of the practices , such as focusing on breathing - away from the outer world- is life changing. Thank you Anni. You are truly brilliant... I’m leaving the course with the intention and motivation to really live my best life now!

“A” - Chronic Fatigue and Anxiety

Lovely mix of relaxation and movement. There was something really magical about starting with a relaxation centred on the body, then moving in my body, then having another relaxation...I’m really enjoying the space and feel like I can trust that I can relax in these sessions.

“N” - Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue

Really effective at helping me to relax and for settling my pain. It felt very gentle which was reassuring given my anxiety about exercise triggering my pain.
Very gentle and reassuring. It feels safe.

Initially very aware of pain in lower back, once comfy the pain was less dominant and I began to become really relaxed and connected with my breathing .

Helping me to realise how much I need to create space to relax more.

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I appreciated the flexible approach and building in of more relaxation... it provided me with so much more energy than I anticipated.

Very lovely therapy helped me recognise how important it is to do activities that aid rest/ restoration rather than pushing self and body. Thank you so much...

Berrin B.

I went to Anni for yoga therapy because I had a neck and shoulder ache but through the sessions I realised that I was emotionally struggling with my bereavement. By the end of my 5th session I had no pain and felt more energetic.

Anni was gentle and supportive to guide me to find what is right for me in a practice to help me physically and emotionally. I was able to use these tools because they fitted in with my busy daily life.   

"L E"

Anni's Yoga Therapy (MomentsHeld) is delivered from an oasis of calm and tranquility in her gorgeous garden room. Lovely Anni is warm and compassionate and her guidance in Yoga Nidra and mindful meditation has helped me with sleeping techniques and to keep things in perspective and de-stress.
I found our one to one sessions enjoyable and relaxing and would thoroughly recommend MomentsHeld in the pursuit of a balanced mind and body! 

"D L-S"

I was first introduced to yoga when I took part in yoga therapy sessions with Anni. I suffer with osteoporosis and Anni ensured we worked collaboratively, to decide how we might best treat and deal with the result of my condition.

We would start the session with a focus on my breath and, as I went through various yoga poses, Anni would continue to remind me to focus on this.

Anni would demonstrate and talk through the poses, adapting postures and physically holding me where appropriate. She would discuss how the practices help align and calm your body, mind, and spirit. In the meditation session Anni would guide me through and again, explain how this system helps enhance my spiritual development (something that was completely new to me).

After each session we would discuss and analyse anything that came up during the practices and what I felt would be beneficial to my well-being. She would also e-mail after each session with take away thoughts for me to focus on during the week, which were extremely helpful.

I have improved greatly since my first session: more energy, less back pain, even able to hold poses for a longer period of time; all of course with Anni’s patience and encouragement. These sessions have provided me with the opportunity to stretch, unwind and release tension; an excellent balance in comparison to my busy lifestyle and in addition, has improved my general mind-body wellness.

I could not imagine life without Anni’s teaching. Her positive nature, her energy, her calmness, her love for her practice, her compassion and kindness are extremely infectious; I have never looked back. 

Yoga Testimonials


I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the yoga classes and what a great connection they’re making with the breathing in meditation. I’m getting so much lightness and calm from them both. Your planning and progression is wonderful.
I feel very blessed to have found you.


Thank you sooooo much for yesterday’s class. I can imagine the planning that goes into doing it and I really do appreciate it.

Berrin B.

Yoga Classes with Anni are relaxing, energising and confidence building.

I usually attend with my husband and before we go we are feeling very tired and are thinking that maybe we should skip it tonight but we remind ourselves how good we feel afterwards.

It is confidence boosting because Anni enables us to experience poses that we had thought we could not attain or enjoy. With her patient, gentle and caring style, Anni is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had lessons with.

These lessons have encouraged me to do yoga every morning - even for 10 min - which makes me feel much better emotionally and physically. 


This is my first yoga class! Having Anni as a teacher has been a great experience, she explains things really well and creates a lovely atmosphere. I have learned so much how to relax my body and how to control my feelings!

"C H"

I've tried yoga a few times. Wanted to love it. Wanted it to be a part of my life... but never found the right fit. Last night was the first time I've felt that I could really enjoy it. It was really great and everyone was so very lovely.

Debbie S.

I really didn’t know whether yoga would be for me or not, but Anni was very welcoming and non-judgmental. She is a very gifted, dedicated yoga teacher and instantly puts you at ease with her calmness and compassion. I find her well-planned classes really friendly, warm and inviting as opposed to intimidating, as I know some classes can be.
Her instructions are precise and easy to follow which shows, I think, a great understanding of yoga postures. Anni has a great relationship with her students and manages to give each person the individualised attention they need, both in and outside of the class.
Anni’s classes contribute to a much healthier state of mind, which in turn, enables me to cope and even reduce, the general stress levels of life.
I cannot recommend Anni’s yoga class highly enough. 

John S.

Anni's yoga is a great mix of gentle persuasion and challenging practice always carried out with great sensitivity and good humour. Always surprised by how good I feel at the end of each session. There is always something new in each session but Anni is really attuned to what her individual class members need and careful in what she asks of her class members.

"K C"

I’ve really enjoyed coming so far - think the course is great and Anni is a brilliant teacher!

Martin B.

You are sensitive to the physical limitations of members so we don’t risk damaging those bits of us that are already dodgy.
I don’t find the class too difficult and you give us the option to increase the stretch/difficulty of a pose if we are up to it.
There is a good balance of poses and counter poses, floor and sitting/standing work so I leave with all joints worked on.
The atmosphere is calm, non competitive and supportive. 

Will H.

I value the class as a gentle,reflective space where close attention is paid to ensuring proper positioning during the asanas. Highly recommended!

Meditation Testimonials


I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the yoga classes and what a great connection they’re making with the breathing in meditation. I’m getting so much lightness and calm from them both. Your planning and progression is wonderful.
I feel very blessed to have found you.

Anne W.

If you don’t know what meditation is or wonder whether it has anything to offer you- I’d say you really should try this course. Anni and Ray very gently and confidently lead you along the path to exploring the process and finding the richness and peace it offers.


Dear Anni
Thank you so much for this morning and accepting me so graciously. I found the session amazing, nurturing and holding me tenderly....
Much love.

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